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Randy & Trish Smith

JPS is proud to welcome Randy Smith to the service staff.
Randy is a retired nuclear test engineer and an expert in
wiring restoration.
If you have wiring issues call Randy for an appointment.

Superior Service:

New to JPS
State of the Art Vertical Milling Machine

State of the art tire changing equipment:

New Neway valve seat cutting machine and valve cutting lathe:

Special orders welcome! Whether you install or shop intalls

Great Value!

Our Goal:

To provide you a level of service excellence that you have never had, and further,
to do it rapidly and get you back on the road where you belong!

Satisfaction @ JPS:

If you want to modify your bike to improve ride and power delivery,
you've found your shop!

We work with our customers to determine exactly what is wanted and deliver the most practical and affordable options available.

To Contact John Baillargeon:
3477 SW Hunter Rd.
Port Orchard, WA. 98367